Khadijatul Qubra Moyna shows humanity

Khadijatul Qubra Moyna, student of Eden Women College, was returning her Hatirpul`s home by rickshaw from the capital`s Dilkusha via Gulistan. On her way, her rickshaw got stuck in traffic jam near Gulistan Shopping Complex. She, all of a sudden, noticed an old man lying beside a wall who seemed senseless.

Many pedestrians were moving on the way, but not a single person shows interest to the old man. Moyna could not sit on her rickshaw but went forward to the man. She tried to feel the pulse of the man whether he is alive.

Moyna noticed the man is still alive but senseless. She sought help from the pedestrians for taking him to hospital. But nobody responded.

Later, one Mamun, requested by Moyna, went for help to the policemen who were on duties nearby the scene, but it was in vain. The policemen also did not respond.

Finally, Moyna herself went to the policemen and sought assistance to take the man to hospital. Then cops agreed and took the man to Dhaka Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) by their duty van.

The attending doctors told that dope gangs made the man senseless.

Meanwhile, Moyna discovered the man as Ishaq Mia, 57, hailed from Munshiganj. He fell prey of dope gang members while going to Badda.

Moyna contacted Sadia, daughter of Ishaq Mia, and told her about her father`s condition. Sadia said, her father was missing for two days. 

Ishaq Mia is now undergoing treatment at DMCH. He was senseless while the report was published on Monday midnight.

Later the generosity of Moyna was highly praised. Many congratulated her for showing humanity while others were careless.
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