Basic secrets and suggention of google adsense and earning

Basic secrets of Google Adsense
Google Adsense
Are you AdSense Ads publishers ? Are you New on Adsense? Are you getting low revenue caused my getting low RPM and low CTR
If you don't have Adsense account check alternative of Adsense. 
So you are in right place to learn how to increase the RPM and CTR of your Adsense Ads.
There are lot of factors are depending for your low earnings. Below some basic tips and suggestions are given for you to maximize your earnings and get happy with Google earnings.
You must follow the below basic Tips and technique for increasing AdSense revenue.

Ø  Choose the right AdSense format:

High Performing Ads Sizes:
336x280 large rectangle,
300x250 medium rectangle,
160x600 wide skyscraper,
Responsive Ads is more effective,

Ø  Customizing your Ads:
It’s important to make your Google Ads look alike your website.
AdSense allows you to customize the background color, text style, font color  to make your ads resemble with your website.

Ø  Publish Fresh Content:
To earn more with Google AdSense you need to post fresh content to your website which will not only increase your earning but it will also bring targeted traffic to your website.

Ø  Ads should be relevant to the content of your website:
Unique and fresh articles have fresh keywords. Google Recognize that keywords and show the relevant Ads.

Ø  Selecting Correct Ad Location:
You should keep your ads besides your header or even below your header as it will receive the 100% coverage from the audience.

Ø  Remove low paying keywords by competitive filter:
Blocking General Categories from Allow & Block ads Section.

Ø  Using Various tools:
Like Keyword planner.
AdSense Sandbox for watch Ads which are showing on the site
Keyword spy for look up how much the advertiser is paying for publishing the 

Ø  Using Match content (New in google AdSense) feature for increase stay time of visitors.

Ø  Targeted traffic From High paying countries like USA, UK, Canada etc.

Ø  Testing:
This is most important trick to increase Google AdSense earnings always keep on testing and see if one position doesn’t works then you can move your ads to other position.
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