How you are insulting your specialty and qualities

How you are insulting
How you are insulting
Every person have some different specialty. That specialty make them different from the others. Sometimes we understand that characteristics by our own or by help of others.

Everyone should go ahead with own unique quality and specialty. However for the pressure of Environment and circumstances that can’t be maintain. As a result, they got self-disrespect.
If you do not respect own self by yourself, then how others will? Check with several signs, by which can be understood that, you're doing self-disrespect.

 * Agree to everything: Say yes with every matter or willing to agree with everything brings lot of pressure. No self Interest but some works done being good in front of others or agree with that you don’t like means you are doing self-disrespect.

 * What you’re not, but performing:  To get benefits do against own nature. In fact, as you're showing you in front of others but you are not that. Maybe you like it or receiving praise through the eyes of others, but himself is slight. If you cannot accept yourself for yourself, you actually did.

Respect your personality
Respect your personality 

 * Corresponding to go against the own opinion: coincided with the opinion of others, to continue to support this. But despite being incompatible with his own prestige or money to match up with the majority opinion of others from seeing you yourself feel weak. If you do not want to go head high. To dishonor himself.

 * Other words to the effect: It is not right to act according to another check. Because of its meaning, you do not believe in yourself and have your own opinion. The fact that you are given the opportunity, so that others can use. As a result, you are a disgrace to yourself.

 * Hold down the mind: to keep pressing for his disrespectful. What is the mind, and publish it in front of everyone. What would fly or fun, it came down to keep the mind or emotions. Publish your own mind. If you fall embarrass, to combat the situation. Prove yourself, you are a coward or timid.

*Do not think of yourself: it's not the voices, while others just comfort, pleasure was noticed, then naturally everyone was receiving. Do not ignore this problem. You do not get bored-ranging importance to others. Imagine yourself as well as others on the side. Try to convince them of its own importance.
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