Bangla french toast with egg and butter

Hungry !!! Want make some snakas in few minutes? Lest go for make tasty Bangla french toast with eggs. Few minutes recipe for 2 person and instant hungry surviving formula. Total Nutrition Contains 968 Calories.

  • Eggs: 2 pieces.
  • Bread: 6-8 slices.
  • Butter: 2 table spoons.
  • Sugar: 3 table spoons.  

French toast making Ingredients
French toast making Ingredients 
Mix Eggs and sugar until sugar completely invisible. Add ½ table spoon of butter with it. Put it on as showing in the below image.

Mixed eggs with sugar and butter
Now take bread slice one and Poured into the mixed egg bowl as image given below. Make sure both side of the bread wet with mixed egg.

Bread in the egg bowl
Bread in the egg bowl
Hot your non stick fry pan as well as add 2 spoons of butter to make hot. Careful your gas volume in medium.

Wet breads in fry pan
Wet breads in fry pan 
Fry both side of wet bread until they got brown color. Take little time with medium Ignition of the fire.

Bangla French toast
Bangla French toast
When the breads get brown color then bring it out from the fry pan and put it on bowl. Your Banlga french toast is ready.

  • One large 50g egg 78 Calories.
  • One large slice of bread 79 Calories.
  • Butter one Spoon 102 Calories.
  • One Spoon Sugar 16 Calories.

So our Bangla french toast total contains

  • Egg 78 × 2 = 156
  • Breads 79 × 6 = 474
  • Sugar 16 × 2 = 32
  • Butter 102  × 3 = 306

Total = 968 Calories.

This recipe for 2 person and for instant hungry surviving formula. Thank you for reading this recipe. Don't forget to make comment and share with your hungry friends.

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