Walking bloodsucker Bed bugs video

If you never seen Bed bug you are lucky. This insect is really very annoying bloodsucker in our daily life. Bed bugs are most common insect in our daily life. Bed bugs are also known as Bloodsucker. Human blood is the main meal of bed bug. Bed bug live in our bed, pillow, most of the corner in our house. They most like to hatch in Mattresses, sofa and other furniture. 

Bloodsucker Bed bugs
Bloodsucker Bed bug 
There are many reasons why Bed bugs are born. The main reason is your room, bed or other's furniture are not clean, as well as theses are not in dark place. Research said that Bed bugs are born by human fallen human tissue.
To stay safe from bed bug have to clean room, bed, furniture properly. Put your Pillow, bed cover and others clothes in sun once in a week. you may stay safe. If you are already affected by bed bug you die :(

You Can take flowing steps against Bed bug:
  • Find the nest of Bed bug on your bed and put hot Calender (Iron) machine on it. As result Bed bugs will die and their eggs too.
  • Mix Detergent powder with water and spray on bed bugs living area.
  • Make Naphthalene powder and through it near all corners of your bed and living room.
  • Alcohol spray is another best way to remove Bed bug from house.
  • Cleaning with hot water of your Cloths, bed covers others pillow covers will remove the Bed bugs.
Most of all stay clean and stay out of from bed bug is the most important living life. 
Check out Bloodsucker Beg bug Video. On this video you will see a bed bug running in to anti insect powder.

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