World climate summit regarding climate issues

World climate summit
World climate summit
World climate summit is underway in Paris, capital of French. It is the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) regarding climate issues. World leaders gathered at the extensive conference are expected to reach a deal which will help curb global warming imposing compulsion. Basically the conference’s goal is tasked with keeping world temperature below two degree Celsius reducing greenhouse gas emission.

World climate summit kicked off on November 30 and it will continue till December 11. A total of 166 heads of state and government and their representatives attended the climate summit. Expectations over signing a pact have increased as Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi agreed to attend the conference. US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin also attended the conference. There was supposed to attend Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina but it was later cancelled. Minister for Forest and Environmental Affairs Anwar Hossain Manju is representing in favor of Bangladesh in the conference.

Bangladesh is among the countries which will face rough impact of climate change. Weather and climate kept a massive impact on human life across the globe. Human life and their living fall at the face of threats due to heavy rainfall, frequent flood and violent storm. Global temperature is increasing due to greenhouse gas emission. As a result, sea level is rising significantly. Present weather condition is behaving unwell only for that cause. Existence of many countries is at risk. Bangladesh is not out of risk.

Sources of fresh water in Bangladesh have already begun to decrease. Cultivable land is on the decline. Life and living is taking a worst shape. Biodiversity is also falling under threats. It is feared that southern part of Bangladesh may go under water due to rise of sea level.

This time the conference is putting stress on curbing greenhouse gas emission. World leaders are putting emphasis on steps to work together to reduce global warming. Priorities are also being given on research programmes regarding impact of public health due to climate change and issues regarding habitat, food and economic security in the conference. Expenses of equal finance were approved on mitigation and adaptation in Lima climate summit last year. But China and India played a silent role in this regard. The two countries claimed that they are not responsible for climate change. Developed countries are responsible for that cause. That’s why those countries should take total liability in this matter. Experts said that this issue might be tabled as Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the conference.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said that world temperature may increase average 3 percent although world leaders implemented their vows they committed to curb carbon emission worldwide. In this sense, rise of temperature should be kept below two degree Celsius to keep the world at a tolerable stage.

Concern over fighting the impact of climate change is not new for Bangladesh. Minister for Forest and Environmental Affairs Anwar Hossain Manju said in the conference that Bangladesh will give importance on adaptation as it is more important for the affected countries like Bangladesh. Huge fund is needed for the adaptation. Bangladesh can expect that fund as grant instead of loan from industrially developed countries to fill up the loss caused by climate change. Bangladesh will claim that grant in the conference.

Bangladesh government and its people have already started to use own resource to fight the impact of climate change. It can be expected that efforts will be punchier if the grant is provided. We wish success of Paris summit.
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