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Most of the time we are thinking what to do with our old phones, cars or others goods. At out home they are extra and using our free space. Why not sell theses goods and get some extra money from unused things.
But where to sell and how to sell them?
Well there are lot of online classified sites in Bangladesh to sell and buy old product. But Most of are afraid to sell or buy from website. It's to easy and matter of few clicks.
List of most popular Buying and selling web sites:

Making Account on
Ekhanei signup form
Ekhanei signup form
Go to SignUp Form on and Create Account.

Sell Items on
After Successful creating account you can go
as below,
inseart ad
Insert ad on
On this form insert your product Name, Descriptions, your, price, your name, and your Contact information. Click Submit Ad button.
After Successful inserting product you will got confirmation email on your registered Email id.
Click for Common Advertising Rules for selling on

Sell Items on
Go to
Insert ad on
Insert ad on

You will be asked for categories,your Location sequentially and your Email id too.
Insert your proper information properly and there will be a confirmation email to you.
Selling on Terms are Here
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